Sunday, February 22, 2009

10 years of Quake III

10 years baby!

ok Ito be technical it's one more week.

I was just perusing some net info on quake and thought I throw few facts out.

Fact Q3 was leaked way back in march of 1999 by ATI.

Fact the only reason Q3ademo exists as this was ID software response to the leak.

It was already out there, so they put out a free demo so peeps would not hopefully play the leaked version.

What's weird is ID created a free mini Quake III that peeps still play ten years later lol.

Fact the full Quake III was released on December 2,1999 .

And yet all these peeps are still trucking along on demo I don't think thats what ID had in mind lol.

Well kudos to ID and cheers to you Q3ademo junkies out there(You know who you are!).

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