Sunday, February 22, 2009

10 years of Quake III

10 years baby!

ok Ito be technical it's one more week.

I was just perusing some net info on quake and thought I throw few facts out.

Fact Q3 was leaked way back in march of 1999 by ATI.

Fact the only reason Q3ademo exists as this was ID software response to the leak.

It was already out there, so they put out a free demo so peeps would not hopefully play the leaked version.

What's weird is ID created a free mini Quake III that peeps still play ten years later lol.

Fact the full Quake III was released on December 2,1999 .

And yet all these peeps are still trucking along on demo I don't think thats what ID had in mind lol.

Well kudos to ID and cheers to you Q3ademo junkies out there(You know who you are!).

The return to Demon!

Yes my quakery friends I have returned to DemonUk FFA once more.And it seems a popular thing to do.

Why even the infamous BLM who has his own world renowned server POS comes there for trouble!

For some reason some certain(including myself) people could not get into Demon for months hm..

Oh well I'm there now so watch out!

Hehe well there is a host of peeps to play in Demon from the ultra low pinged to the laggiest of the lagged,from the snipers to campiest camper who ever camped you see them all at Demon.

Here is the IP for those who don't know it see you there or at POS.GAME-HOST.ORG don't forget POS.

Oh btw BLM is Bulima(As if you didn't know.) and I am 2880@43 in the screenshot thats my speed and temp of my oc'd dual Opteron.

PS I also believe I cost BLM this game or at least 2nd place anyway sorry B .

Well I guess the morrow turned into a week hah!

Did I mention that my quakering spilled over into the
Us Botanic Gardens.

Actually it was quite peaceful there even will all the peeps buggering around.

Though I suppose I was the strange one with the minilap running some strange 3d game on one the benches lol.

The US Botanic Gardens is right off the capital and was worth(Few shots here inside of it) a look.The Capital was worth the guided tour albeit it was in my mind a 50 cent tour it is tho!

And I have no clue who the girl on the steps is either lol.

The red stone one is the Castle thats the info center for the Smithsonian if you are into musems don't just rush into the big musems hit the castle first.

DC was fun if only for 37hrs it was worth the trip.

Now for my next trip onto to Stroggos!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Well my q3 friends I made it there!And I quaked it up at 12,000ft!

Uncle Hu's first trip in a plane,they said take a pill no!,they said have a beer no!.I had a few games of q3 and the ride just smoothed on out.

And to top it all I was over Monkeypoxx's home state!

I made into DC friday night I will post my trip details on the morrow as right now I feel like a burnt match lol.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Been a long cold winter Brr time to head south!

Well my Q3A friends the winter is almost over and Hus looking forward to an early spring.So much so I am taking my fujitsu tablet loaded with Q3a and heading south to DC for the weekend.Yes Hu will be quaking it up in the Nations Capital!

You see this little sucker to the left will be my q3 companion on this trip.Small but effective at 125fps.Yes!

Well more will follow this weekend ...and wish me luck Uncle Hu is flying down on the Friday the 13th and this is after a plane went down this morning yee..