Monday, April 20, 2009


I think few peeps took what I was saying personally.I don't really dislike anyone who plays in demon except maybe the admin who has acted up few times.The players are ok if for the most part just wanted to point that out.

Friday, April 17, 2009

1.16n ZZZZZZZ and GGZ

Even 1.16n is a big snore.Not many servers on that like there used to be oh well.This maybe time to really call it a day I don't have a 1.32 key I used to ....hmmm Oh well if you peeps are still around I'll stop by now and then but otherwise to all you quakers old and new I'll say goodbyes goodfrags and ggz for all time.

PS Maybe Quake 5 will come out and be a winner heheh.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Hehe I am beginning to get the feeling I should have put this blog up five or six years ago.As every time I go into Q3A these days there is hardly anyone to frag.The only exception is the same demonites and I call them demonites because they go to the same server(Demon UK) and frag the same way not sure if they are just that bored or locked in cage and with nothing but Q3a to play.Anyway what makes it worse is these demonites is they are low ping lag free connects on a server that connects me and others over in the US like we are on 56k due to server hops.Ontop of all this they generally have nothing to say.Well this is just my take on it many may disagree but to me Demon UK is a big snore.

And the fact is in Q3a there is nothing else left.Pos POS you say well for every day I show(12 out of 14 )nobody is there the owner is MIA and you are left with the admin(Monkeypoxx who btw is a good guy generally speaking hehe.) and few others eh doesnt make for stimulating Quake for me so..

Anyway to make a long story short this blog is going to become a Full Q3 blog effective tomorrow.
I will keep up the old but new content will be all full quake III stuff so check back soon.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I got an Itch!

Ok got slacky been awhile since I came around.But I just got an Itch I couldnt scratch.And it's name is Itchy!

Who is this peep anyway he's seems so nice and sweet on the surface but what's he really up to eh eh?

With a name like Itchy hmm maybe he's really a terrorist from a foreign land or a goverment spy plotting against quakery!

Or worse he could be a Unreal player planning to poison the Q3 servers connection with his irradiated Lan connection!

Or maybe ..................................................................................................



April fools Itch! You are a cool dude just fooling!