Thursday, October 30, 2008

BLM MIA?????

Yes Q3ademo noobies the infamous BLM is MIA from POS!Where is he and what sordid plot took him off his own server?

Or is he going stealth and playing as an UnnamedPlayer like seen here in POS this morning?

Probably not since the 85 pinger is me and the other peep comes in all time since before BLM went missing.

BLM is if you don't know the host and owner of POS.GAME-HOST.ORG for the past decade.He is well known and liked in the Q3A community.

I will keep looking and keep you posted if anybody spots BLM reply to this blog!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Laggers are back!But the Vids not alright.

`Got to love them but I suspect a slight discrepancy here wether I am playing an honest game.

I think I am smelling something akin to OGC but.

What is OGC you say well..Back in the day it was a quake 2 hack that mutated over to Q3 and other games like COunterstrike.OGC is a full bot client that offers wallhack,auto-aim,auto-fire you name it.

Many peeps I have played in the past few weeks in rail maybe a little suspect.I have never seen so many instafrag spwans in Q3.Six months ago this was rare and could be a run ,luck or hacker.

Now I suspect maybe not OGC but high frame,high settings with wallhack.I have played many using 333+fps and can tell two things they lag the server and take an edge of at least 30-40ms over their opponent maybe more I can't be 100 percent sure.

This peep here in the pic hit me no matter where I was.Shoot seemed I could have been under the platform and he would nailed me.

Two caveats though,he moved like molasses(sniff sniff newb?drunk?Can't say?) for one and two while my aim really does stink lol most days ,I do rate with those who have the best moves in Q3 and for sure in demo.(People tell me that I'm not that arrogant lol.)

I hear in rail about autofire all time from quite a few peeps who have been playing a while so.Same goes in FFA but I won't even go there right now I'll save that for another day.

Conclusion well I guess grin and bear is all you can do,to play a cheat is to make you a better quaker!SO was this an exercise in futility ?It seems so........DAMN YOU ALL TO STROGGOS!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Dog Orders McDonalds!

In my off Q3 hours I got peckish and got some snaps of this at the Saratoga McDonalds.I've heard of obediance training but picking up MCds for the family c'mon now.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I was going to post about some daily goings on but it seems a dry day so I'll give my opinion of an old quaker and friend.Yea you know em love him or hate him you can't ignore Virus.This guy is great though he has to be the funnest quaker in the game(Present company excepted lol ooo.).He is just a barrel of laughs and is all about having a good time and not the most frags.To me he is too cool for Quake.Like myself he joined in around 2000 and is even almost the same age as me only 27 yeah kaff kaff er ok but you'll never get my real age out of me here.From his awesome sucides to his hilarious banter he is an awesome Quaker and an unsung Quake dude of the highest order cheers V.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Laggy Railers

Yep you know the ones.The Laggy Railers who come to certain servers just so their pings are over 200.They live and love the lag they know it's all they have.Here we a pair of laggers dueling it out in Emoticon with average ping between them of 550 lol.At least one showed some skill in the last pic here.Lol you got to love these peeps most of them wouldn't last 2 minutes in a Full weps server.

Breakdown Q3ademo

Well here's my Q3ademo blog and I might add it's along time in the coming.This is just for all you Q3 junkies like myself and for a quick breakdown for the noobs.

Q3ademo is as some might know a demo version of Q3 put out by ID software in 1998.What most don't know is it somewhat of an underground cult and has been for the last decade.

I myself joined this little party late in the game in the summer of 2000(Too busy playing Quake II!).

The q3ademo noobs kept rolling in through this decade,the clans came and went,players came and went and now what's left?

Hardcore q3ademo fiends that's what and that's what this blog is all about!

I myself I figure have played at least between 8-10,000 games of q3ademo.Hmm that must close to 100,000 frags hmm.How about you?

Well I'll keep posting and hope to hear from you nutty q3ademo peeps very soon.

Hu aka Humiliation aka Rego aka NBK^Rego aka Omac aka Noobinator aka Ion aka ok you get by now