Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Breakdown Q3ademo

Well here's my Q3ademo blog and I might add it's along time in the coming.This is just for all you Q3 junkies like myself and for a quick breakdown for the noobs.

Q3ademo is as some might know a demo version of Q3 put out by ID software in 1998.What most don't know is it somewhat of an underground cult and has been for the last decade.

I myself joined this little party late in the game in the summer of 2000(Too busy playing Quake II!).

The q3ademo noobs kept rolling in through this decade,the clans came and went,players came and went and now what's left?

Hardcore q3ademo fiends that's what and that's what this blog is all about!

I myself I figure have played at least between 8-10,000 games of q3ademo.Hmm that must close to 100,000 frags hmm.How about you?

Well I'll keep posting and hope to hear from you nutty q3ademo peeps very soon.

Hu aka Humiliation aka Rego aka NBK^Rego aka Omac aka Noobinator aka Ion aka ok you get by now

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