Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Laggers are back!But the Vids not alright.

`Got to love them but I suspect a slight discrepancy here wether I am playing an honest game.

I think I am smelling something akin to OGC but.

What is OGC you say well..Back in the day it was a quake 2 hack that mutated over to Q3 and other games like COunterstrike.OGC is a full bot client that offers wallhack,auto-aim,auto-fire you name it.

Many peeps I have played in the past few weeks in rail maybe a little suspect.I have never seen so many instafrag spwans in Q3.Six months ago this was rare and could be a run ,luck or hacker.

Now I suspect maybe not OGC but high frame,high settings with wallhack.I have played many using 333+fps and can tell two things they lag the server and take an edge of at least 30-40ms over their opponent maybe more I can't be 100 percent sure.

This peep here in the pic hit me no matter where I was.Shoot seemed I could have been under the platform and he would nailed me.

Two caveats though,he moved like molasses(sniff sniff newb?drunk?Can't say?) for one and two while my aim really does stink lol most days ,I do rate with those who have the best moves in Q3 and for sure in demo.(People tell me that I'm not that arrogant lol.)

I hear in rail about autofire all time from quite a few peeps who have been playing a while so.Same goes in FFA but I won't even go there right now I'll save that for another day.

Conclusion well I guess grin and bear is all you can do,to play a cheat is to make you a better quaker!SO was this an exercise in futility ?It seems so........DAMN YOU ALL TO STROGGOS!

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