Sunday, February 22, 2009

Well I guess the morrow turned into a week hah!

Did I mention that my quakering spilled over into the
Us Botanic Gardens.

Actually it was quite peaceful there even will all the peeps buggering around.

Though I suppose I was the strange one with the minilap running some strange 3d game on one the benches lol.

The US Botanic Gardens is right off the capital and was worth(Few shots here inside of it) a look.The Capital was worth the guided tour albeit it was in my mind a 50 cent tour it is tho!

And I have no clue who the girl on the steps is either lol.

The red stone one is the Castle thats the info center for the Smithsonian if you are into musems don't just rush into the big musems hit the castle first.

DC was fun if only for 37hrs it was worth the trip.

Now for my next trip onto to Stroggos!

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