Sunday, February 22, 2009

The return to Demon!

Yes my quakery friends I have returned to DemonUk FFA once more.And it seems a popular thing to do.

Why even the infamous BLM who has his own world renowned server POS comes there for trouble!

For some reason some certain(including myself) people could not get into Demon for months hm..

Oh well I'm there now so watch out!

Hehe well there is a host of peeps to play in Demon from the ultra low pinged to the laggiest of the lagged,from the snipers to campiest camper who ever camped you see them all at Demon.

Here is the IP for those who don't know it see you there or at POS.GAME-HOST.ORG don't forget POS.

Oh btw BLM is Bulima(As if you didn't know.) and I am 2880@43 in the screenshot thats my speed and temp of my oc'd dual Opteron.

PS I also believe I cost BLM this game or at least 2nd place anyway sorry B .

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