Saturday, March 14, 2009

Semi-noobs run wild!

Wow I go away for a week or so and damn the hackers are running wild!Way too many wallhackers and illegal cfgs for my taste.Whats with the admins huh damn I hate to criticize but you peeps I hope arent getting slouchy lately when it comes to this.I encountered no less than 4 confirmed wallhackers between 2 local q3a servers and these semi-noobs are not that raw either they just got tired of not being the best and decided to hax their way to the top lol. Sad shit does'nt work that way in q3 or life eventually you'll get nubbed.Maybe they would sooner if these admins would check for hax eh?C'mon Poxx don't be slug now (I'm not singling you out though but you are top of the list lol.)Check it out you'll see the wallhax are prevalent in few repeat customers.

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